Sensitive Periods

Sensitive periods are limited times in a child's life where they are especially responsive to certain stimuli. These stimuli, if received by the child, encourage the effortless development of - depending on the sensitive period - various skills, faculties and organs.

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Montessori Perfection

There's a misconception that life is perfect in Montessori education. Perfect classroom, perfect teachers, perfect children. But perfection in the classroom doesn't necessarily mean what you think it does.

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You Don’t Have to Be Montessori
to Do Montessori

Living the 'Montessori philosophy' at home with children can seem daunting. Educators get special training in this curriculum after all, so you might ask yourself - "How could I possibly use this philosophy at home if I don't have a special degree?"

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Benefits of Curious School education

At Curious School our primary focus is to foster curiosity and develop a lifelong learning in all our children. The real difference we bring is the formation of children’s fundamental capabilities during the first years of life – not just academic learning but the ability to organize concepts and tasks while keeping their senses open to the world around them, concentrate and think for themselves as well as the ability to interact well with others.

At Curious School, we take pride in following the Montessori way and share the same loving vision as Maria Montessori.